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More men are becoming aware of the benefits of a healthy natural lifestyle and the role that herbal medicine can play in acheiving optimal health. In this respect, men are catching up with women, who have always been the biggest consumers of herbs and herbal products. In fact most herbal formulas for men are purchased by women who are concerned about the health of thier life partners, sons, and family members. The good news is with a few exceptions, most herbal remedies are versitile enough work for both sexes.

Using Herbs like ginkgo and rosemary to improve circulation has the added benefit of slowing hair loss and helping to correct erectile dysfunction. There are many examples of herbs that are not considered 'mens herbs', but are those medicinal plants that work holisticaly with the body to address underlying causes of these conditions, unlike drugs that target a specific syptom and often lead to unwanted side effects.

Our bodies are still dealing with stress as if we were back in the caveman days. The ability to ramp up the adrenalin and get the blood pumping really helps, when you are trying no to get stomped on by a hungary sabortoot tiger, however it does no good when you get cut off in traffic, or your boss dumps a project on your desk with a get it done yesterday deadline. Ginseng and ashwaganda are two of the most important adaptogenic herbs for stress. Adaptogens help the adrendal glands recover from the stresses of modern life while they that invigorate and strengthen the whole body. The use of these herbs comes to us from Asia, where ginseng is revered for its prowness.

Alopecia (Baldness) : Baldness, also known as alopecia, is hair loss, or absence of hair. Herbal oils and herbs have long been used in home remedies to encourage hair growth and condition the scalp.
Gout : Herbs such as celery seed can help to calm inflammation and neutralize the harmful effects of uric acid that often causes pain and inflammation in gout and arthritis.
Sexual tonics : Any drug or herb that addresses sexual performance is bound to get considerable attention, but do so called "herbal viagra" formulas really work? Learn which herbs really work for Low libido problems and sexual health. As for herbal testosterone, there is no such thing in the plant world. However, several herbs, notably stinging nettle, may help make more of a man's testosterone available.
Heart Tonics/Cordials : The primary benefits and properties of heart healthy herbs are to increase the flow of blood, tone and strengthen the blood vessels, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels,and to tone and strengthen the heart
Cayenne Pepper
Celery Seed
Coleus Forskohlii
Dong Quai
Fo-Ti Root
Ginkgo biloba
Muira puama
Saw Palmetto
Tribulus terrestris L
Wild Yam